Mission and Vision

Who are we?

We are people who have joined together to work for nature, animal welfare and new forms of living together with love and respect for their environment.

Natural healing and alternative care for humans, animals and plants belong just as much as energy sources that nature gives us.

Together with Nature


Together with Nature is a non profit Initiave for

innovative helping projects Together with the Nature.

Love and respect with and before the planet Earth and all living things by learning / researching / promoting and applying sustainable life practices in harmony with nature.

Living in harmony with nature

Promotion, research and Implementation of residential community projects in harmony with nature and self-sufficient food supply (permaculture).

Nature healing and care

Knowledge transfer, research and promotion of the cultivation, processing and application of healing plants, substances and animals.

Alternative therapeutic approaches, cooking ayuveda, vegetarian living

Natural energy production

Research and implementation

of autonomous natural

power supply,

heat generation


energy cycles.







Meet us in nature

You want to be part of this movement, get to know us personally or support us? We would be glad if you contact us.

What we do

We create, promote, research and mediate on the topics:

Community Housing, new forms of education, ecology, natural healing and care, natural energy production and thus Related topics.

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